Words cannot describe......well they can but they'll just get bleeped

Coming in 2018

Because I have chosen to keep The "B" Word Tour somewhat "exclusive", I did not post the detailed outline of what my seminar entails. I just feel that it should stay between us and those that choose to follow on our path of empowerment and the search for inner strength.  The workshops are 3-4 hours in length, depending on how many people attend. Once you commit to signing up, I will send you the complete step by step outline.  

Going through life without dreams is no life at all. Everyone needs to have

something to look forward to, to work towards. Even if "where" you are and "where" you want to go are so polar opposite, you need to know that the light at the end of the tunnel doesn't necessarily have to be a train. I've always been a dreamer and sometimes to a fault. But because of these sometimes far fetched ideas, well, they give me  a reason for getting out of bed...especially in those dark times that I wanted to pull the covers over my head and just flat out cry.


What are you doing now?  Everyone has to have a plan.  That's how we get to the finishing line of life.  So you have to put things into perspective and if you don't know "what" is going on or "what" you want, your head can get pretty overwhelmed.  If I didn't plan my day around "Post It Notes", I don't know if I could survive.  Oh, don't laugh....I have a Post It with your name on it.  


The first step is to figure out who you are from the inside to the outside. Once you accept  your beginning, your current path and ultimately your intended goal, then we can decide on the best battle plan.  Did I say battle?  Yes ladies, I mean future bitches, life is a friggen battle and I'm going to help you fight the fight!


I live by the power of Artemis, the attitude of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the tenacity of Lara Croft.  Three pretty tough chicks.  Don't laugh...I'm serious!  And in order to achieve the "art of Bitchcraft", you need to be confident, independent, physically and emotionally strong. And if I could create the perfect "bitch", it would be a combination of the three women I just described.....at least in my little imaginary  pee brain. So I obviously have to settle for something else and thus "Bitchcraft" was born.

Bitchcraft is learning the magick it takes to stand on your own two feet, being fearless and knowing what it is you want.  A step by step of what might just help you get through some pretty crappy shit you're going through right now.  And relax....we're not going to conjure up spells or hexes (although there are a few people I'd like to try one on) and this isn't a "religious experience".  It's actually a pretty cut and dry, shoot straight from the hip, on how to keep yourself in control of.....yourself.