Think of this as my private club.  And once inside, you are surrounded by too much content to list. From podcasts, blogs, video and interactive webcasts, you can pick a level based on what suits your needs and interests. This platform alsogives you direct access & contact to me. All proceeds from this platform go 100% to our non-profit, Villalobos Rescue Center. 



My online network is a treasure trove of various web-series' & webcasts on a variety of genres.  Produced through my new production company, "Early Release Media" all content proceeds are donated to our non-profit, Villalobos Rescue Center.



Doing the time on the outside, can be just as hard on the inside.

Lycanthropy Publishing


My up-and-coming self-publishing company features both fantasy fiction and true to life stories.  All of the money raised from the sales of any of my books go to the dogs of Villalobos Rescue Center.


I have free content available along with exclusive membership content that you can sign up for $.99 a month.


My private Facebook women's support group is for women who have a loved one that is incarcerated.  Whether it be a spouse, significant other, a child, a parent, a distant relative or even a friend, when they are doing time, you end up doing it with them.

If you should find yourself in this situation, feel free to sign up for membership. My group is very supportive, with no judgment, and filled with women who know exactly what you're going through. 



Rabid Reality

Words cannot describe......well they can but they'll just get bleeped


Doing the Time


Tia Torres

​​Tia Maria Torres


Pit Bulls & Parolees

My up close & personal podcast in which every episode is broadcasted each morning before the sun rises up over the swamp.

This is the "third" side of Tia Torres that rarely emerges in the public eye.

You can find it under the podcasts:

Tia Talk (Tia Torres)



Join me on my public Facebook fan page where I talk about everything "dog and more".  There is so much more to me than just canines and criminals...okay maybe not much more but hey, don't judge me! haha!


Check out my new production company!