Words cannot describe......well they can but they'll just get bleeped

​Coming in 2018

100% of the proceeds from these programs, goes to the rescue

1.    What is a "Pit Bull?"  -  some history and background and the evolution of how their reputation went so wrong

2.    Temperament  -  what is the true temperament for this breed.  Dog aggression vs human aggression?

3.    Containment  -  this topic can make or break this breed's life.  Safe and effective designs will be discussed here

4.    Training/Handling  -  Proper equipment & handling skills will be discussed.  Who can you trust as a trainer?

5.    Multiple Dog Living  -  living with a "pack" can be challenging but when one is a Pit Bull...it can add a little spice to your life

6.    To Breed Or Not To Breed  -  is there such thing as responsible breeding?  One of the hottest topics on this tour

7.    Health Issues  -  what are some of the most common health risks pertaining to this breed?  Higher pain tolerance?

8.    Public Perception  -  can you defend your breed properly?  Do you know the accurate facts?  Who's the real problem?

9.    Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)  -  it's popping up all over the world.  Do you know what to do?  Can you fight it?

10.  Dog Fighting/Animal Abuse  -  step by step on what to do is you suspect someone of doing this


In March of 1999, the Pit Bull 101 workshop was born.  Due to a panic racing through the city of Los Angeles, the public was desperate for answers.  A child had been attacked by two Pit Bulls and an unexperienced PR rep through the City of Los Angeles Animal Services got up on the 10 o' clock news and made the statement: "Pit Bulls are ticking time bombs that can go off at any second".  Mind you this woman didn't even own a dog, had ever owned a dog, had no animal experience and had been re-assigned by the city from the Dept. of Sanitation.  Yet as a "face for Animal Services", the public believed her every word and a panic ensued over the city.  It was "War of the Worlds" and Pit Bulls were getting tossed out by the hundreds.  Animal control workers were coming into work finding 20 plus Pit Bulls tied to their fences each morning.  Stories of Pit Bulls set on fire and hung by their necks from trees were becoming all too common.  The witch hunt had begun.

Villalobos Rescue Center had been rescuing Pit Bulls for some years now and add to that, that we had already built up a good reputation and relationship with the various animal control agencies in Los Angeles, they turned to us for help.  First step: put a calm over the city and keep these dogs from getting tossed out.  We needed to remind the people that these were the same dogs we had loved for years and to not be panicked by some uneducated fool.

The Pit Bull Support Group was created and within that program, not only did we offer free obedience training classes to anyone owning a Pit Bull, Pit mix, etc, we also traveled all over the Greater Los Angeles area speaking about the breed and educating law enforcement, utility workers, other animal control agencies and most importantly: the owners of these dogs.  It was a huge and I mean huge success and our reign lasted for 11 years up until we moved to New Orleans....and got a TV show.  Now our time is so limited that we had to tone things down a bit and at this time, can only offer the half day seminar.  

Below is a brief outline (minus a couple of "F" bombs)

(The "P" Word Tour)