Words cannot describe......well they can but they'll just get bleeped

100% of the proceeds from these programs, goes to the rescue

Coming in 2018

1.    Breaking the "Bully Bank"  -  do you have the money to support "your habit?" 

2.    It's Not The Dog, It's The Owner  -  is your "reality check"...in check? 

3.    The Law vs. You  -  this will make your break your operation....can you abide?

4.    The Pit Bull Shuffle  -  how are you planning on housing these dogs? 

5.    The Pack  -  and I'm talking about the human one.  Is your family ready to be dragged into this new lifestyle?

6.    Marketing Your "Merchandise"  -  adopting out Pit Bulls can be very difficult....time to get your creative juices flowing

7.    Opening The Flood Gates  -  once you go public that you are a "rescue"....get out your life raft...you're gonna need it

8.    The Meaning Of Rescue  -  there are several ways to get involved in the rescue world so what defines "rescue?"

9.    Adoption Procedures  -  there are several right and wrong ways so it's coming up with the right formula that counts

10.  YOU  -  take a good look at yourself and determine what image you're putting out.  Can you avoid burn our syndrome?

(The "P" Word Tour)


By far the most common email I now get is... how do I start my own Pit Bull rescue?  Oh sweet person....if only it was that easy.  Since the success of our reality TV show, "Pit Bulls & Parolees", people are coming out of the woodwork with the best of intentions but not fully realizing what it takes to truly and responsibility rescue the most maligned breed of dog in the world.

​But, I'm not saying you can't and shouldn't.  So I've set this 3-4 hour workshop up with step by step of what I've done and had to go through.  This is also another forum for those that are already "in the biz" and maybe want to explore other ideas on how to improve or learn from my mistakes.  

In this workshop, I'm not saying I "know it all" but I've been doing this since the early 90's and have been through drama like you can't imagine so if not for nothin', at least listen and learn from someone who has more years in the Pit Bull rescue world than anyone I know.  And if there is someone out there who's been doing it longer than me and is more successful at it....oh please give me their number!  I'd love nothing more than to pick their brain!!  For now, here's what I got.....

ResQMe 101