Coming in 2018

The "B" Word

​The word "bitch" has become one of those curse words that we're taught not to say.  And yes it also represents what a female dog is called.  And if you think about it, both definitions define power, well, okay maybe that's just from my perspective.  

But it's a word that comes across as being bad but feels "oh so good" coming out of your mouth.

The "bitch" or female dog is the entity that gives birth to the pups, feeds them, protects them and in many instances, is tossed out onto the streets when of no use to her breeder, her master.  She then has to find the strength to take care of herself all the while worrying about her young ones and where they will end up.  

The above scenario is an all too common one for us humans as well.  I should know....I was that "female dog' who ended up on the street with her young, at times living out of my car and trying to stay alive for the sake of my family.

Power, confidence and the belief in sticking up for what is right...that all defines what a "bitch" truly is.  So when someone calls me the "B" word...I smile, thank them and say "you betcha I am".

In the last 10 years, the popularity of our show "Pit Bulls & Parolees", has somehow managed to really hit home with the female genre.  Who would've thought?  And in the thousands and thousands of emails and phone calls, one of the most common is, "If I had your strength" or "My life sucks, can I move to New Orleans and learn from you?"  There is obviously something huge missing in these womens' lives and they are looking to me for the answers.  The sad part is, they all have what it takes...they just don't know where to look.

I've put together this motivational and empowerment workshop to show other women that they too possess the strength of Artemis, the tenacity of Lara Croft and the skills of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. By no means is this a "feminist" speech or an "I hate men" thing, because I will be the first to tell you...I love having the door opened for me or receiving flowers and being called "babe".  This is simply my way of showing you how to find your "giddy up and go" that you need to survive on your own without whining, sniveling or thinking you can't make it and/or to be that "rock" that you sometimes need to be for not only yourself but for your family as well.

 Everything you learn from this workshop, I've done on my own, all the while raising 4 kids and 400 dogs.

​Allow me to show you what I've learned from making some pretty bad mistakes, running into some very thick block walls and spending many nights laying on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out.  This is the time to learn the "the art of bitchcraft" and trust me when I say....I now have so much "B" in me, there is plenty to share.

Bow Wow,


Words cannot describe......well they can but they'll just get bleeped